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Docteur Gabriel Ghorayeb
Docteur Gabriel Ghorayeb

The Cardiac Surgery can nowadays be performed either according the conventional way, that is to say using the extra-corporal circulation, which requires that the heart of the patient is stopped, or in beating heart surgery, that is without resorting to the aforementioned extra-corporal circulation. The advantages of this technique are overwhelming, most of all, it allows the patient to stay less in operating room the shortest possible time.

Today, the evolution of the cardiac surgery is inevitably made by means of mini-invasive procedures.

These procedures find their place of predilection with the oldest patients.


That is why new techniques of valve replacements were implemented. It is in particular about Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation commonly referred to as TAVI.

More recently, sutureless valves, which are valves put without sutures, were developed and today regularly used. 


These new techniques take all their dimensions today, since they offer speed of the surgical procedure without quality loss. They also allow at the same, especially in old patients, the combination of a coronary bypass made in beating heart, thus without extra-corporal circulation, with the valve replacement without suture.


Consequently, the use of these techniques allows post-operative with all the simpler consequences as the surgical procedure is performed well, within a very short timeframe and in a least invasive possible way.


In 2016 Doctor Ghorayeb was selected as a proctor by the LivaNova (Sorin Group) company.

More than 150 patients from Kuwait were operated at the Parly II hospital since 2013

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